100 Illustrations later: Ending Weekly Still Life and What’s Next.

Ending Weekly Still Life

When I originally started working on Weekly Still Life I had just decided to make the switch to freelance and needed something to start building my empty week around to kickstart the ability to have any control over my time. Weekly Still Life wasn’t even a concept yet, all I knew is I was going to set at least 3 hours a week to doing something.

Flash forward to over half a year later and now I’m sitting here with 31 weeks of Still Lives (technically it was a longer span of time but I had to skip a few weeks because life.) adding up to 100 illustrations. I never expected this project to last so long as like it said it was mainly just an exercise, but eventually I saw something more in this series and pushed myself. Now reaching the big 100 I feel it is an appropriate time to call the series to an end, at least in this form. But this isn’t a time to be sad, this is a time to celebrate! So, to help celebrate the completion of this project I turned to my friends and I asked them to join me in drawing the final still life with me.

So… Whats Next?

Well, first things first I need a break. After pushing this series for almost 9 months I need some time to tie up some loose ends and let everything sink in before diving into the next endeavor. But this isn’t the last you are going to see of the still life concept from me, I’ve already sparked some thought thanks to the inspiration of my friends still life pieces to possibly turn this series into a loose group still life drawing club. As for the fate of the Weekly Still Life series, while the series is coming to a close I’m happy to assure you that the series isn’t going to just be pushed to the back of the closet. One of the first things I’m doing after my personal break is working with Platform Editions to produce a book from the series. Until then I hope you will continue to appreciate the series including the works produced by my amazing friends who gave their time to help me send this series off with a bang.

Weekly Still Life no. 100, Sean Suchara
Max Gillis
Gabbi Brandini
Logan Fitzpatrick
Kurt Woerpel
Nichole Shinn
Nick Groepler
Peter Steineck
Rose Wong
Shannon McLean
John McColgan
Holly St.Clair


Explore the rest of the series on My Instragram.



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